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Our passion is offering a comprehensive range of products to the woodwork and furniture industry. Our work force is concentrated and specialized in: raw and laminated Particle Board and MDF panels to improve and support Azerbaijan local furniture production.

Who We Are

“Xylosuisse AZ” is leading in the field of components for the furniture and building industry, particularly wood decorative laminates (HPL and CPL), particle boards, MDF panels coated with melamine.

Our professional team of “Xylosuisse” has a long-established experience in planning and selecting best materials, creating most efficient processes in order to reach maximum performance possible of your furniture production in small or medium scale.

Xylosuisse goal is  to provide customers with a high quality material and service according to a defined budget of our clients locally from our Baku warehouse.

Our extremely professional team with highest experience, in the world of service providing, is our passion in Azerbaijan market .

The structure of “Xylosuisse” is simple and practical, as well as very functional, completely independent from suppliers of all raw materials and machineries. Always ready to perceive and select all technologic innovations and improvements of the market.

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We provide a wide range of engineered wood products in various sizes and thickness to cater to the dynamic demands of the furniture market. Our products are best in the market in terms of quality and range and our we hand-hold our customers in choosing the right products according to their needs.

Why Choose Us

We give you solutions and great ideas to achieve excellence

Together with our commercial services that include assistance in delivery, custom operations, our target is to supply to our customers a complete set of instruments to improve their quality standards and being more efficient in their production and cost structures. For example, supplying know how to reach international standards, introducing new products in your range by applying new technologies.
For active households, it is second only to ceramic for durability. It is resistant to scratches, dents and staining. In other words, it’s able to stand up to abuse from both kids and pets.

Building materials, demand on request

Plywood, Timber and OSB in various size and thicknesses

Raw Materials
Xylosuisse has a deep knowledge of all the materials and tools for the manufacturing of particle boards, MDF, papers, additives, low pressure laminated boards, laminate flooring & high pressure laminates; we provide those materials by finding the best & most reliable producers all over the world
Quality Policy
Xylosuisse AZ fully supports the guidelines and procedures arising from raw material quality checked.
The quality policy of Xylosuisse AZ is based on providing our customers with the products and services they demand with the required quality in compliance with regulations to be fulfilled in each case.
Logistic and warehousing
Through our Environmental policy, we are actively committed to this topic. Our strategy is to support the improvement processes for highest protection level in environmental issues.
Our Global Presence
Xylosuisse Azerbaijan is a subsidiary of XyloNetics SA based ion the global business hub Geneva, Switzerland. Xylonetics SA has under its umbrella wide network of manufacturing plants and distribution networks spread across the globe.
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    Azerbaijan, AZ1063, Garadagh district, Mushvigabad - Sahil Road, 6th km

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