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Welcome to our amazingprofessional  world

We strive to offer a wide range of products to the woodwork and furniture industry. Our people are focused and specialized in delivering raw and laminated MDF and HDF panels to improve and support local furniture production in India.

Who we are

Xylosuisse is the Indian Subsidiary of the Global Wood panel Enterprise Xylonetics, based in the peace capital Geneva, Switzerland. Carrying the impeccable business ethics and a mission to bring added value to the customer, Xylosuisse is all set to launch its India presence with a state-of-the art MDF manufacturing unit installed with the finest machinery from Dieffenbacher, Germany. The MDF quality assured is world-class, highly durable and can be customized for use in a variety of ways from bespoke interior projects to large corporate and industrial set-ups.  

Our promise is to deliver value to customer through excellent competitive quality and cost, a wide range and high work ethics – the hallmark of Xylonetics worldwide.


What we do

We provide a wide range of engineered wood products in various sizes and thickness to cater to the dynamic demands of the furniture market in India. Our products are best in the market in terms of quality and range. We approach our customers in a unique way, as we hand-hold our customers in choosing the right products according to their needs.

Our products


Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a versatile wood-based panel with good machinability. MDF has a consistent structure and density and a very smooth surface. The MDF production process involves grinding wood chips into fibers and binding them with synthetic resin under heat and pressure.
MDF is used mainly for use in furniture industries, door manufacturing, laminate flooring production, wall panel manufacturing, kitchen, manufacturing as well as packaging industries.


HDF (High Density Fibreboard/Hardboard) is like MDF, it is a man-made composite panel product that is manufactured from compressed wood fibres. High density fibreboard contains more wood fibre per cubic metre than MDF board and is used mainly as the core material for laminate flooring and high-use furniture.


Our beautiful and wide range of designs for pre-laminated boards both MDF and HDF ranging in various sizes and thickness, are moisture resistant, scratch-resistant, durable and low on maintenance.

Long Legacy

World Class Quality

Competitive Price

Highly Ethical Business

Why choose us

Xylosuisse has 60 years of family owned business experience producing different wood products and more. In all parts of the world and throughout all the world’s ups and downs in the industry we have grown stronger and stayed loyal to all our customers.
Our extremely professional team with quality experience in India carrying the culture & ethics of our highly experienced global team are best in the industry
All our products meet all international quality standards and are made with precision with the state of art high-end imported machinery
Our team has deep knowledge of all the materials and tools for the manufacturing of particle boards, MDF, papers, additives, low pressure laminated boards, laminate flooring & high pressure laminates, which translates in all our products & services.
The Parent company Xylonetics has subsidiaries across the globe with a workforce of more than 1200 employees worldwide.
We carry out all our business activities with sustainability as one the main foundational principle and always strive to achieve ambitious goals along our entire value chain.

Our commitment to the future of Indian wood industry

There is a national initiative to protect and increase India’s Green Cover year on year. Therefore the stellar economic growth of India has to be environment friendly and sustainable. As Indian GDP grows at an estimated 8-10 percent during 2022-23 and at a higher % then onwards, the wood based panel demand will grow exponentially. India, as a country is at the cusp of time to make a paradigm shift in the kind of the wood panel products it uses and the fundamental objective of the shift should be to place minimum burden on the National Green Cover. In the developed economies the use of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is increasingly finding market acceptance over plywood and India is no exception. It is imperative that India increases its MDF production and substitute the inefficient wood panels with wood efficient MDF Panels, thereby ensuring sustainable economic development.
Also, a substantial part of India’s demand for MDF is met through imports, resulting in a large outflow of foreign currency. Our line of MDF & HDF products would certainly thus be cutting down the need to import.

We are one of a kind


Uncompromised policy for quality standards from raw material till delivery


A legacy of work ethics with commitment to serve the society etched in every dimension of our products and services


Highly attuned to the customer needs and committed to deliver nothing short of happiness and value to our customers

Agro Forestry

Our philosophy is very strong on the wood we use, which is to develop and maintain a wholistic approach of being responsible for the quality of wood used in our products, by partnering with various stakeholders involved- plantation growers, agroforestry experts, government and customers. With the agroforestry support of the Indian government, we plan to facilitate commercial wood farming, starting with 100 hectares annually up to 20,000 hectares and develop the farmer prosperity model in waste land. With this initiative, 8000-10,000 farmers can benefit indirectly.

Environmental policy

Our commitment to the environment is to make the best value of the most precious wood, from the beginning till end. We follow a complete compliance to the environmental policies in all aspects of our business, from wood choice to finished product to customer. Commitment with statutory requirements is one of our main goals and observing legal requirements and internal guidelines is a key for our business activity and relationship with all our partners. We aim to achieve customer excellence and take on social and environmental responsibility, by focusing on issues through which we as a company can make a significant positive contribution for our environment.

Quality policy

The quality policy of Xylosuisse is based on providing our customers with the products and services they demand with the required quality in compliance with regulations to be fulfilled in each case.

Our Global Presence

Xylosuisse Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian subsidiary of XyloNetics SA based in the global business hub Geneva, Switzerland. Xylonetics SA has under its umbrella wide network of manufacturing plants and distribution networks spread across the globe

Contact Us

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    Company Address

    Xylosuisse Private Limited.,
    # 217, 16th Cross Street,
    Defence Officers Colony,
    Ekkatuthangal, Chennai-600 032.

    +91 91766 88448

    Email: info@xylosuisse.in